TOOL Tattoo & Piercing Shop is a tattoo and piercing studio in Sofia, Bulgaria. Here you will meet  tattoo and piercing professionals with over 15 years of experience and diverse backgrounds. 

Here you can have your dream colour or black and white tattoo, repair, refresh or even completely replace an old tattoo. Our team will assist you in finding the best outlook for your chosen tattoo style or offer you a personalised, unique project, made to suit your wishes and taste. The studio uses only high-quality equipment, disposable materials and consumables, which will guarantee you 100% safety and hygiene. We will also offer you advice and recommendations as to the care your new tattoo will need in order to heal safely and fast.

The studio is situated in the centre of Sofia, metres away from the National Palace of Culture (NDK) metro station, take the exit to Vitosha Blvd.





Petar is born in 1977. He graduates from the School of Arts in Troyan, Bulgaria, and continues his education in the National Art Academy. A true metal fan, he is particularly proud of his studies in the Academy in the “Metal” department. He takes his first steps in tattooing in 1995, when he assembles his first tattoo machine himself and starts experimenting on eager friends.

In 2004, Petar opens his studio in Pirotska Street, Sofia, where he remains for 10 years, until he moves to his current location at 28, Han Asparuh Street in 2014. To this day he makes each one of his tattooing machines, and his passion for machines and their creating gives the name of his studio – “Tool Tattoo and Piercing Shop”.

According to Petar, favorite tattoo styles are like favorite clothes – they evolve and shift all the time; Japanese style and mechanics are among his preferred styles. He finds inspiration in the work of Aaron Cain, Filip Leu, Horiyoshi.

Over the years Petar has taken up multiple guest spots in Germany (Hamburg, Pechern, Bamberg, Cologne, Flekenberg), Austria (Vienna, Graz, Linz) and London. He takes annual part in numerous tattoo events across Europe, including the conventions in Berlin, Maastricht, Graz, Vienna, Hamme (Belgium), Llandudno Cariad Ink (Wales, UK).

Petar's most recent international events include Tattoo Convention Berlin 2014, Graz Wildstyle & Tattoo Messe 2014, Linz Wild

style & Tattoo Messe 2014, Maastricht Tattoo Convention 2014, as well as a couple of guest spots at "Tattoo Demon" - Vienna, Bernie Luther's studio.

Upcoming events: 

  • Tattoo Expo Maastrict 2015 (28-29 March),
  • Vienna Wildstyle & Tattoo Messe 2015 (11-12 April),
  • The 11th International Amsterdam Tattoo Convention 2015 (29-31 May).







Krasen starts painting graffiti all the way back in high-school, learning more about the scene as he paints in his native city Dobrich with his friends.

By that time he starts to experiment with tattooing, often transforming graffiti projects into tattoos and working on eager friends.

He graduates from the “Animation” department at “Art Collegue Sofia” while simultaneously widening his tattoo horizons and working at home.

For 4 years he lives in Alicante, Spain, where he gets his first professional tattoo appointment at “Tucan tattoo”. This is followed by a summer in the UK, where he works as a guest-artist at “Tattoo Marks” (London) and “Scotland Ink” (Eyre, Scotland).

In Sofia he works at “Addicted” tattoo studio, followed by “La Calavera” tattoo studio in Alicante.

Krasen receives a prize from the 1st Sofia Tattoo Expo 2014 for figural composition.

In 2012 he receives 1st prize together with his team at the street and urban art event “Muchamiel Graffiti Event” in Alicante.

Krasen continues to be part of the ever-growing Sofia graffiti scene, enjoys r'n'b concerts and loves eating rice.